An unknown computer has entered my collection

di Zazzy (28 Dic. 2003)

I bought this computer on e-bay Germany and honestly I'm not sure what it is. If you have any data about this, please e-mail me.
Picture of my mysterious computer Front picture of the unknown computer.
Side picture Side picture, showing wood inserts.

The computer has a very heavy aluminum case (2 kg., size 25x20x10 cm) painted in black on top and back side, with wood inserts.

Front picture Front picture, showing the LED display.

It has a 12-characters red led display capable of showing numbers and letters.

Keyboard detail Picture taken from top, showing the keyboard.

The keyboard is a touch keyboard (like that of Sinclair ZX 81 for example). Keys layout is not a standard QWERTY, rather the letters are in alphabetical order. Red keys are used to provide a numeric keypad (on the left) and a set of function keys with specific functions like: “Naechster schritt” (to browse messages on the display), “Zeit” and “Datum” to set internal clock, etc (on the right).

Botton view Bottom view, showing the reset button and power plug.

On the bottom, the computer has a serial number (53385). There is nothing like a company brand. On the power adapter (which I cannot guarantee to be the original one) there is a label mentioning TUEV – Bayern and it says “made in west Germany, the power supply is 220V 50Hz (European).

Serial number Detail of serial number.

At startup the computer shows the following German message that scrolls through the display: “ICH BIN IHR COMPUTER SEKRETAER – MEIN HERTZ IST EIN MIKROPROZESSOR – BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG LESEN – NEW PROGRAMMIERE – TASTE – NAECHSTER SCHRITT – DRUCKEN” which should translate into something like “I'm your computer assistant – my heart is one microprocessor – initializing – program anew – press NAECHSTER SCHRITT key”. After this the computer prompts for time and date and it allows you to check your daily schedule. From what I saw the computer is a very simple organizer which allows you to store day-based information. Since the computer cannot save data on a permanent storage, I guess all is lost if you switch this off.

Thanks for your attention.